Newsletter march 2021

The special qualities in the working method of Ruland Architecten…
24 March 2021/by Gert

Increased appreciation for Gilze-Rijen station

Research by NS and ProRail shows that the passenger rating for…
3 March 2021/by Gert

Spoorcafé Zwolle

Wednesday February 17 was the live stream from the Spoorcafe…
17 February 2021/by Gert

Façade renovation of railway station Enschede

Work on the renovation of the facade of Enschede station has…
15 February 2021/by Gert

From sketch to fixture

The first fixture of the new lighting in the Maastricht station…
28 January 2021/by Gert

Renovated station building Gilze-Rijen in movie development station area

Commissioned by NS Stations, Ruland Architecten made the design…
7 January 2021/by Gert

Newsletter december 2020

This newsletter is entirely devoted to Maastricht station: the…
12 December 2020/by Gert

Newsletter july 2020

Ruland Architecten reports on new work at locations with double…
15 July 2020/by Gert

Newsletter december 2019

Ruland Architecten, as an integrator of the construction process,…
12 December 2019/by Gert

Another mural discovered

Beautiful discoveries continue to emerge in the Maastricht station…
14 October 2019/by Gert

View of Maastricht – artist unknown

An interesting and colourfull wall drawing was discovered in…
5 September 2019/by Gert

New facade openings in Maastricht

Work on the Maastricht station continues. Not visible from the…
6 May 2019/by Gert

Building above the railroad tracks

Building above the tracks is again topical following a debate…
11 April 2019/by Gert

Ruland Architecten is ready for BIM and Revit

Marloes van Zelst and Gert van Velzen have successfully completed…
4 April 2019/by Gert

Completion of Villa Breedband

Last Friday Villa Breedband (Arnhem) was formally handed over…
25 March 2019/by Gert

Start of construction redevelopment of Maastricht station building

Today was the official start of the construction 'redevelopment…
22 March 2019/by Gert

Maastricht station building in the media

Local media are reporting on the redevelopment of the Maastricht…
30 March 2019/by Gert

David en Goliath

Of course, Ruland Architecten also builds in the station area…
17 January 2019/by Gert

Newsletter December 2018

In this newsletter we report on the completion of the Masterplan…
17 December 2018/by Gert

Inside Villa Breedband

The panorama photo of the first floor already gives a good impression…
13 December 2018/by Gert

Restoration of facade railway station Enschede

The Enschede station building was designed by the then Rail Architect…
4 December 2018/by Gert

AKO bookshop opened at station Maastricht

Today, the restored retail space for the AKO has been taken into…
3 December 2018/by Gert

Newsletter December 2017

In this newsletter more about new and surprising opportunities…
12 December 2017/by Gert

Ruland Architects, tailor-made advice

The term 'plasbrand (pool fire)', the combustion of a puddle…
14 November 2017/by Gert

OfficeVilla Breedband Arnhem

In localnewspaper "de Gelderlander", region Arnhem, an article…
12 August 2017/by Gert

Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter Juni 2017: the renovation of Hotel Ibis Amsterdam…
6 June 2017/by Gert

Grand opening station Geldermalsen

After an extensive renovation and redevelopement, the railwaystation…
31 May 2017/by Gert

Renovation Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre

Commisioned by Accor Invest, Ruland Architects is working on…
10 April 2017/by Gert

Application building permit Villa Breedband

We have applied for the building permit of Villa Breedband in…
21 February 2017/by Gert

Railway station is “Spoorbeeldverhaal #6”

Kirsten Hannema, a well known dutch architectural critic, has…
30 January 2017/by Gert

Newsletter december 2016

Newsletter december 2016: News about railwaystation Maastricht,…
12 December 2016/by Gert

Vision document advertising media at stations

Commissioned by NS Stations has Ruland Architects researched…
23 October 2016/by Gert
kantoorvilla Breedband Arnhem

New office Breedband Arnhem

Kavel (plot) 12 along side of the Amsterdamseweg in Arnhem has…
29 September 2016/by Gert
Station Geldermalsen

Interior railwaystation Geldermalsen

The restauration of the railway station building Geldermalsen…
31 August 2016/by Gert
Woning weesperzijde W99

Completion interior apartment

Within the redesign of the former bandagefactory and later headquarters…
16 August 2016/by Gert

Newsletter June 2016

Newsletter june 2016: a new office building in Arnhem, Ruland…
16 June 2016/by Gert

Building works interior apartment started

The building works for the interior of a new appartment in Amsterdam…
27 May 2016/by Gert
Doe je BEP bij Ruland Architecten

An investment in the future

Ruland Architecten supports on the job training as an addition…
11 January 2016/by Gert

Building works interior station Geldermalsen

The next fase of the renovation railwaystation building Geldermalsen…
8 December 2015/by Gert

Newsletter November 2015

Ruland Architecten newsletter november 2015. (Dutch language…
11 November 2015/by Gert

Restoration of platform spans

Ruland Architecten is consultant for the restoration of the platform…
15 October 2015/by Gert

Study guidelines Den Haag HS

The guidelines on the platforms of station Den Haag Hollands…
10 September 2015/by Gert
casestudie reclamedragers

Casestudy advertisement at railwaystations

Ruland Architecten is working on the casestudy Reclamedragers…
28 August 2015/by Gert
appartement amsterdam

Interior appartement amsterdam

A former industrial building of Uthermolen in Amsterdam will…
11 June 2015/by Gert
Aanbouw woning Rotterdam

New photographs addition in Rotterdam

Jannes Linders has photographed the new addition to a residence…
28 May 2015/by arie

The architects’ breakfast, theme: leisure

As part of the theme period ‘Leisure’, the editorial staff…
12 May 2015/by arie
Monumentje Roosendaal

Ruland Architecten on Zuid West TV

The regional TV channel Zuid West TV currently shows the series…
6 May 2015/by arie
Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Addition nears completion

The fireplace, terrace, the slats in the awning: slowly but surely…
4 May 2015/by arie
Dansplein Roosendaaal

Dansplein Roosendaal presentation

The redevelopement of railway station Roosendaal is on the move…
23 April 2015/by Gert
Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Progress addition Rotterdam

The addition is sealed to wind and water. We look forward to…
16 April 2015/by Gert
Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Roof lights under construction

The roof lights have been installed and the roof will gradually…
20 March 2015/by arie
Woning Keizersgracht

Alteration apartment Keizersgracht

For an alteration to an apartment on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam…
13 March 2015/by arie
Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Steel construction addition Rotterdam

Work on the steel construction for the addition in Rotterdam…
11 March 2015/by arie
Douaneloods Roosendaal

Grant application Customs Hall Roosendaal

The second round for the application of a cultural heritage grant…
9 March 2015/by arie
Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Groundbreaking for addition to villa

By applying the first ground pile, the construction on the addition…
14 January 2015/by arie

Newsletter December 2014

Ruland Architecten's first newsletter is out today. (Dutch language…
15 December 2014/by arie
Station Roermond

Design sketch station Roermond

NS Stations commissioned us to make plans for the redevelopment…
5 December 2014/by arie
Middelburg CS

Design sketch Middelburg Central Station

Middelburg Central Station was officially opened in 1872 and…
24 November 2014/by arie
Douaneloods Roosendaal

Conservation Customs Hall Roosendaal

A request for a subsidy as cultural heritage from the Province…
17 November 2014/by arie

New photographs from Zaltbommel

Ruland Architecten was commissioned by NPC Royal Haskoning DHV…
8 September 2014/by arie
Ruland Architecten

Ruland + Partner Architekten becomes Ruland Architecten


Because we were already addressed and named as Ruland…
1 September 2014/by arie

Station Geldermalsen emerges from the scaffolding

The Geldermalsen railroad station building was, for the duration…
28 August 2014/by arie
Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Environment permit granted

For the addition to the villa in Rotterdam, the Environment permit…
14 August 2014/by arie
Debat Brabantse Stijlprijs

Debate Brabant Style Award

The KVL Leather plant in Oisterwijk was the scene for the debate…
26 June 2014/by arie
Strijp S Eindhoven

The transformation and renovation convention

Ruland + Partner Architecten was a part of the Transformation…
24 June 2014/by arie
Roosendaal op Architizer

Ruland + Partner Architecten on Architizer

The Roosendaal railway station was our first project to be featured…
18 June 2014/by arie

The architects’ breakfast, transformation of empty buildings

As a part of the theme period ‘Transformation and Renovation’,…
15 June 2014/by arie
Aanbouw woning Rotterdam

Design sketch extension villa Rotterdam

Ruland Architecten has finished the design sketch for an addition…
3 June 2014/by arie
Station Roosendaal

Brabant Style Award 2014

The Province of Noord Brabant wants to add impulse to good commissioning…
27 May 2014/by arie
Verhuizing Ruland Architecten

Moving day Ruland + Partner Architecten

M-day: today is the day we will move into our new offices. From…
8 May 2014/by arie
NS Reizigers Roosendaal

National Steel Award 2014

The National Steel Award 2014 will be awarded by Bouwen met Staal…
1 May 2014/by arie

Platform building in use

The kiosk building on platform 2 of Eindhoven station has been…
10 April 2014/by arie
Ruland op Twitter

RPA on Twitter

Follow Ruland + Partner Architekten bna on Twitter: @RulandA…
21 March 2014/by arie
HTM Den Haag HS

Golden Pyramid 2014

The project HTM Den Haag Hollands Spoor has been submitted for…
14 March 2014/by arie
Ruland op Linked-in

RPA on LinkedIn

Ruland + Partner Architekten bna can now be followed on Link…
6 February 2014/by arie
Zaltbommel OVCP

Delivery awning Zaltbommel

This week marked the occasion of the delivery for the new entrance…
26 January 2014/by arie
Eindhoven gebouw perron 2

Platform building Eindhoven under construction

Just before the 2013 Christmas holidays, the construction of…
22 January 2014/by arie