Ruland Architecten: Integrators in quality

We consider architecture a craft and the architect a craftsman. With knowledge and experience on all levels of scale, down to the smallest detail.

To us, a project is always more than simply a constructional excercise. We think it’s self-evident for us to do more than the bare minimum.

We like to see ourselves as the ‘íntegrator’, in the design as well as the construction process.

This is based on accumulated knowledge, experience and research. Listening to the client to fathom the task, the building, the location. By looking beyond the initial question.

To us, almost any building has ‘value’ and no location is ‘impossible’. We use the story told by the existing building or the location as an important guide, to which we add new layers.

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I have experienced the cooperation as very constructive. I think Ruland Architects are particularly strong in “monumental renovation” whereby I experienced the passion for the history, the thinking in perspective of the owner and the wider support than just architecture as particular.

In addition, the people behind Ruland Architects are pleasant to work with.

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Ruland Architecten has demonstrable experience with monumental buildings and has successfully renovated several monumental buildings for NS Stations. Integrating installations and modern conveniences in a monumental environment is a key point for the agency. The knowledge and competence of our employees makes us good discussion and project partners, and plays an important role in the relationship with the Council and Monument Conservation. The short communication lines within the bureau, the flexibility and creativity are an added value.

This made Ruland Architecten the designated candidate to realise these projects.

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