Festive opening of Maastricht station

3 November 2021/by Gert

Restoration of façade in Apeldoorn

27 October 2021/by Gert

Newsletter october 2021

13 October 2021/by Gert

Festive opening station square and station building Zwolle

8 October 2021/by Gert

Renovation station building almost completed

11 July 2021/by Gert

Newsletter march 2021

24 March 2021/by Gert

Increased appreciation for Gilze-Rijen station

3 March 2021/by Gert

Spoorcafé Zwolle

17 February 2021/by Gert

Façade renovation of railway station Enschede

15 February 2021/by Gert

Renovated station building Gilze-Rijen in movie development station area

7 January 2021/by Gert

Koninklijke Woudenberg at work

29 October 2020/by Gert

Image of concept design for a traverse

20 November 2019/by Gert

From sketch to fixture

28 January 2021/by Gert

RTV Maastricht reports about the renovation of the stationbuilding

7 October 2019/by Gert

Newsletter december 2020

12 December 2020/by Gert

Newsletter july 2020

15 July 2020/by Gert

Newsletter december 2019

12 December 2019/by Gert

Maastricht station building in the media

20 March 2019/by Gert

Enschede station restored to its original cool looks

22 January 2019/by Gert

Another mural discovered

14 October 2019/by Gert

View of Maastricht – artist unknown

5 September 2019/by Gert

Dag van de Architectuur (Architecture Day) in Maastricht

15 June 2019/by Gert

New facade openings in Maastricht

6 May 2019/by Gert

Building above the railroad tracks

11 April 2019/by Gert

Ruland Architecten is ready for BIM and Revit

4 April 2019/by Gert

Completion of Villa Breedband

25 March 2019/by Gert

Start of construction redevelopment of Maastricht station building

22 March 2019/by Gert

David and Goliath

17 January 2019/by Gert

Newsletter December 2018

17 December 2018/by Gert

Inside Villa Breedband

13 December 2018/by Gert

Restoration of facade railway station Enschede

4 December 2018/by Gert

AKO bookshop opened at station Maastricht

3 December 2018/by Gert

Façade with curved glass

29 November 2018/by Gert

Villa Breedband emerges

15 November 2018/by Gert

First parts of the curtain wall have been placed

25 October 2018/by Gert

Workshop station area Sittard

22 September 2018/by Gert

Retail space AKO Maastricht station

19 September 2018/by Gert

Masonry in block bond

19 September 2018/by Gert

Ground floor Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Central completed

4 September 2018/by Gert

The architecture of Villa Breedband

30 August 2018/by Gert

A view over Arnhem

12 July 2018/by Gert

Working above the cycle path

5 July 2018/by Gert

Jungle of temporary construction

14 June 2018/by Gert

Outlines Ibis Amsterdam Centre

5 June 2018/by Gert

The basement is taking shape

31 May 2018/by Gert

Maastricht City and Rail Ambition Note

25 May 2018/by Gert

Ground floor renovation Ibis Amsterdam Centre

16 May 2018/by Gert

Newsletter May 2018

9 May 2018/by Gert

Deepest point in construction reached

3 May 2018/by Gert

Construction for OfficeVilla Broadband started

25 April 2018/by Gert

The smallest construction site

19 April 2018/by Gert

Table discussion at ‘Stad en Spoor Toekomstcafé’

11 April 2018/by Gert

Green signal for restaurant

5 March 2018/by Gert

First ‘PEP’ completed at Ruland Architecten

23 February 2018/by Gert

Redevelopment Zwolle station building

25 January 2018/by Gert

Newsletter December 2017

12 December 2017/by Gert

Ruland Architects, tailor-made advice

14 November 2017/by Gert

OfficeVilla Breedband Arnhem

12 August 2017/by Gert

Newsletter June 2017

6 June 2017/by Gert

Grand opening station Geldermalsen

31 May 2017/by Gert

Renovation Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre

10 April 2017/by Gert

Application building permit Villa Breedband

21 February 2017/by Gert

Railway station is “Spoorbeeldverhaal #6”

30 January 2017/by Gert

Newsletter december 2016

12 December 2016/by Gert

Vision document advertising media at stations

23 October 2016/by Gert

New office Breedband Arnhem

29 September 2016/by Gert

Interior railwaystation Geldermalsen

31 August 2016/by Gert

Completion interior apartment

16 August 2016/by Gert

Newsletter June 2016

16 June 2016/by Gert

Building works interior apartment started

27 May 2016/by Gert

An investment in the future

11 January 2016/by Gert

Building works interior station Geldermalsen

8 December 2015/by Gert

Newsletter November 2015

11 November 2015/by Gert

Restoration of platform spans

15 October 2015/by Gert

Study guidelines Den Haag HS

10 September 2015/by Gert

Casestudy advertisement at railwaystations

28 August 2015/by Gert

Interior appartement amsterdam

11 June 2015/by Gert

New photographs addition in Rotterdam

28 May 2015/by arie

The architects’ breakfast, theme: leisure

12 May 2015/by arie

Ruland Architecten on Zuid West TV

6 May 2015/by arie

Addition nears completion

4 May 2015/by arie

Dansplein Roosendaal presentation

23 April 2015/by Gert

Progress addition Rotterdam

16 April 2015/by Gert

Roof lights under construction

20 March 2015/by arie

Alteration apartment Keizersgracht

13 March 2015/by arie

Steel construction addition Rotterdam

11 March 2015/by arie

Grant application Customs Hall Roosendaal

9 March 2015/by arie

Groundbreaking for addition to villa

14 January 2015/by arie

Newsletter December 2014

15 December 2014/by arie

Design sketch station Roermond

5 December 2014/by arie

Design sketch Middelburg Central Station

24 November 2014/by arie

Conservation Customs Hall Roosendaal

17 November 2014/by arie

New photographs from Zaltbommel

8 September 2014/by arie

Ruland + Partner Architekten becomes Ruland Architecten

1 September 2014/by arie

Station Geldermalsen emerges from the scaffolding

28 August 2014/by arie

Environment permit granted

14 August 2014/by arie

Debate Brabant Style Award

26 June 2014/by arie

The transformation and renovation convention

24 June 2014/by arie

Ruland + Partner Architecten on Architizer

18 June 2014/by arie

The architects’ breakfast, transformation of empty buildings

15 June 2014/by arie

Design sketch extension villa Rotterdam

3 June 2014/by arie

Brabant Style Award 2014

27 May 2014/by arie

Moving day Ruland + Partner Architecten

8 May 2014/by arie

National Steel Award 2014

1 May 2014/by arie

Platform building in use

10 April 2014/by arie

RPA on Twitter

21 March 2014/by arie

Golden Pyramid 2014

14 March 2014/by arie

RPA on LinkedIn

6 February 2014/by arie

Delivery awning Zaltbommel

26 January 2014/by arie

Platform building Eindhoven under construction

22 January 2014/by arie