Patience is a beautiful thing

New construction sustainable office building on a special location

Sometimes you have to take time for contemporary architecture. Started in 2006, in 2018 the realization; office villa Breedband. Ruland Architects is extremely proud of the construction of this sustainable office villa on a very special location in Arnhem.

The office villa is ready for the future with an integral materialisation, elaboration and detailing. The daring sustainable design with energy-efficient and heat-recovering heat pumps is all the way of this gasless time and fits in perfectly with the modern corporate philosophy of Breedband.

The villa is a combination of robust black masonry and semi-structural, partly curved, clear glazing in a blank anodised aluminum curtain wall. Due to the thin concrete storey floors with integrated steel construction, it is possible to realize three floors within the urban envelope. Together with the overhanging on the first floor and the striking semi-circular expansion, where even a cycle path runs underneath, the limited plot size is maximized.

The villa also has a technical industrial appearance with the visible sustainable installations.

The striking design fits within the urban boundary conditions and the development plan for the Arnhem Centraal station project. The location occupies a special position; it is part of the façade wall along this new entrance route to the center of Arnhem, but it also forms the transition to the 19th-century Burgemeesterwijk and the park Sonsbeek.

The new sustainable (office) building according to Ruland Architects.

Floor area700 sq m gross floor area
Year2006 – 2010, 2016 –
StatusUnder developement
ClientBreedband Arnhem, Arnhem
ArchitectRuland Architects, Amsterdam
Construction site managementMevon, Huissen
ABT, Velp
Installations adviserBrunsveld Veerbeek, Arnhem
Interior architectStudio Westgeest, Arnhem
ContractorPolinder Bouw, Arnhem
InstallationsVan den Berg Installateurs, Ede
ImagesRuland Architects, Amsterdam