Villa Breedband

Amazing amount of space on a small lot

Near Arnhem Central station, on a location overlooking the trainplatforms, Ruland Architecten designed a special office villa. It is a striking design for an outspoken customer. The building exudes an atmosphere of technology and modernity.

The building offers a remarkable amount of space for the small and triangular plot. The design adapts to the environment. On the side of the station, it connects to the large scale of the station area. At the same time it is a logical closure of the street perpendicular to it. Seen from this street, the building is hardly noticeable.

The stacking of functions in the building ensures that users can optimally enjoy the view. From the fourth floor, the joint lunch and meeting area overlook the railways an the old city center. The boardroom is situated on the third floor, with an equal beautiful view over the city. The workplaces are located on the ground floor and the intermediate floors. The basement is not only reserved for storage. Here, Breedband can test their ICT solutions before installing them at customers.

By pushing the boundaries in two ways Ruland Architecten has been able to create all this space. First, a special construction has been applied. By making the floors as thin as possible, one extra floor could be built within the permitted height. No concessions have been made to the spatial feeling. By cleverly dividing the floors into different zones, they never feel cramped or low. The large amount of windows and the daylight from all sides certainly contribute to this.

The second innovation is the use of a semicircular overhang. This cantilever is situated on the third and fourth floors and crosses halfway over the underlying pavement and cycle path. It gives the building a clear appearance and adds a lot of floor space. This benefits the workplaces and the meeting area on the top floor. The semicircular facade accentuates the view over Arnhem.

The facade has been carefully designed. The glass and window frames all follow the curve perfectly. The horizontal windows emphasize the panoramic view. For the core – with the lift and the stairs – Ruland has opted for solid black masonry that is reflected both outside and inside. This black disc ties the design together.

The building suits the customer. Broadband is characterized by its personal approach in the field of ICT with a lot of customization for her customers. The building radiates this individual attention. The detailing is well thought out and never chilly. This attention is also reflected in the stairwell. Due to the large window on the landing of the stairs, it does not feel cramped. It invites.

A careful assessment has been made for the installations. Employees say they are not bothered by heat in the summer, despite the sun on the facade. And the indoor climate is also good in winter. All of this was achieved without burdening the planet through the use of heat pumps and by building gasless.

The craftsmanship of Ruland Architecten is clearly reflected in the design, detailing and development. There are no shortcuts. Each part has been devised and developed with the same care, resulting in a satisfied client.

Floor area700 sq m gross floor area
Year2006 – 2010, march 2016 – may 2019
ClientBreedband , Arnhem
ArchitectRuland Architecten, Amsterdam
Construction site managementMevon, Huissen
ABT, Velp
Installations adviserBrunsveld Veerbeek, Arnhem
Interior architectStudio Westgeest, Arnhem
ContractorPolinder Bouw, Arnhem
InstallationsVan den Berg Installateurs, Ede
PhotographyJannes Linders, Rotterdam
Images + photography (construction)Ruland Architecten, Amsterdam
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