Interior head office TUC Rail in Brussels

A multifunctional and colourful office environment

Interior design for the housing of TUC Rail in an existing office building on the Fonsylaan, near the South Station in Brussels.

In order to give the separate floors within the anonymous and amorphous interior of the existing building direction and distinguishability, the interior has been completely detached from the existing façades and the principal interior and cabinet walls have been rotated relative to orthogonal axis of the building.

The walls that determine the direction and routing within the building have been decorated with a different theme for every floor, referring to the activitiy of the department on that particular floor. Each route is terminated by a ‘living’, the informal meeting and assembly room, which is also decorated with a different theme on every floor.

The direction in the open plan offices in the wings of the building is governed by the ‘city wall’, a fixed plinth of low cupboards decorated with a varying landscape of high cupboards, seats and rangement surfaces. The office furniture itself is decorated and upholstered in the house colours of TUC Rail.

LocationBrussels, Belgium
Metrage10.000 sq m gross floor area
Year 2007 – 2008
ClientTUC RAIL – Belgian Train Engineering, Brussels, Belgium
ArchitectRuland Architects, Amsterdam
ContractorGispen, België
In association withBVB Architecten, Brussel, België
PhotographyBVB Architecten, Brussel, België

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