Offices NS Reizigers Maastricht

Tailored reuse

Following a design by Ruland Architecten, the imposing attic floors at Maastricht station have been transformed into unique offices for NS Reizigers. The interior is a combination of custom-build furniture and reused train parts appropriately fitting in with the grand allure of the railway building.

Since its inauguration in 1916, Maastricht railway station has undergone many changes. Original railway functions have disappeared and important spaces are no longer accessible to the public. In 2016, this prompted an ambitious masterplan for the redevelopment of the building that Ruland Architecten developed for NS Stations. In this, the monumental grandeur of the original design by G.W. van Heukelom will be restored and space will be made for the traveler in the station and on the square.

The redevelopment of the attic floors for the offices of NS Reizigers is one of the elaborations of this master plan. Commissioned by NS Stations, Ruland Architecten has combined two important principals in the new office. Various office functions scattered throughout the building will be merged and the beautiful attic floors that have been vacant until now will be given a new use. A previously hidden part of the building will be made accessible.

Strengthening Van Heukelom’s spatial architecture is the starting point in Ruland Architecten’s design. Various rooms have been combined into an open and extended floor. The new mezzanine has large glass fronts, creating a new view of the attic roof. Due to the careful detailing of wall and roof insulation, the old rafter construction continues to play the leading role. The installations, which are kept in sight, follow the roof line and are seamlessly led through the glass. Modern sun protection and insulating glass are integrated without detracting from the classic frame details. A special painting has been found on one of the walls, it is framed in the new retention wall.

A new staircase with lift provides access to the various rooms and floors. The stairwell is directly accessible from the passage where a new portal in the style of Van Heukelom marks the entrance. Recycled train waste bins, in colors that match the historical palette, guide the route up. They reflect the identity of the interior, designed on behalf of NS Reizigers, special elements that fit into the historic context.

The counter / display cabinet forms a welcome entrance into the space itself. Here the unique collection of train driver and conductor’s caps is exhibited. Furniture, cupboards and pantry were designed by Ruland in line with the corporate identity of NS Reizigers, without losing sight of the historic character and original details of the station.

With the new office, the station has regained some of its grandeur. Modern technical requirements have been combined with a place for cherished museum pieces and recycled train parts. NS Reizigers has a high-quality office with an interior tailored to its versatility.

LocationMaastricht, the Netherlands
Floor area686 sq m gross floor area
YearApril 2018 – January 2020
Client CascoNS Stations, Utrecht
Client InteriorNS Reizigers, Utrecht
ArchitectRuland Architecten, Amsterdam
ConstructorAdviesbureau Brekelmans, Maastricht
Construction site managementMJb groep B.V. Maastricht
Installations adviserKompas adviseurs & ingenieurs, Maastricht
Building physics adviserWRI, Maastricht
Construction cost adviserBouwkostenbureau Heijneman, Nootdorp
ContractorLaudy Bouw, Sittard
Building installationsHomij, Vianen
Interior builderSoons Interieurbouw BV, Schimmert
Interior glass wallsQbiq, Alphen aan den Rijn
PhotographyJannes Linders, Rotterdam
ImagesRuland Architecten, Amsterdam

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