Flower stall JP Bloembinders

This newly-built structure replaces an existing wooden stall. Removing a small car park at the access road for the apartment buildings created a little square in front of the entry of these apartments. The new stall was situated as far back as possible at the rear of this square, allowing for a larger area for outside sales and an attractive entry for the apartments.

The stall’s sales room was designed as a fully transparent room with two closed volumes: a silver box with the cold store and the toilet room. The awning juts out as a free-standing element over the stall and together with the coloured, fixed sun shade it creates a distinctive landmark in the neighbourhood.

Year1996 – 2000
ClientJP Bloembinders, Gouda
ArchitectRuland Architects, Amsterdam
PhotographyF. Keuzekamp, Pijnacker

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