Vision for redevelopment Main Building HGB III

Study of the options for renovation of Main Building III (HGB III) of the Dutch Railways in Utrecht, built in 1918-1921 by NS Chief Architect dr. ir. G.W. Heukelom to a modern high-quality office building, for one or more occupants.

By demolishing disused boiler rooms in the inside terrain and removing the car park added at a later date, the original indoor garden can be reinstated. Underneath this indoor garden a underground car park, bicycle parking area and archive rooms can be built. The car and bicycle parking can be accessed from the outside using the existing doorways in the façades.

The roof of the car and bicycle parking facilities will be partially fitted with glass panels enabling daylight to enter. The glass roof contains a ‘boat-shaped’ volume referring to the former boiler rooms that contain the public meeting rooms. These – like the car and bicycle parking facilities – are also accessible from the surrounding offices using existing hallways and staircases. The roof of this volume will be used as a statue garden.

The existing building will be renovated, reinstating all original finishes and details lost over time.

Floor area7000 sq m gross floor area
Year1997 – 1998
ClientNS Vastgoed, now NS Stations
ArchitectRuland Architects, Amsterdam
PhotographyF. Keuzekamp

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