Jan des Bouvrie College, Amsterdam

Renovation and reconstruction School for design and lifestyle

The Jan des Bouvrie College was started by interior Jan des Bouvrie together with the Regional Education Centre (ROC) of Amsterdam. Students are trained as interior advisor, branch manager, manager or sales specialist in the Fashion & Living industry. The school is situated in a former boys and girls school in Amsterdam South built in 1905 and designed by the Public Works Department. In order to house the school, the building required a thorough rebuild and renovation.

Ruland Architecten was commissioned by the ROC of Amsterdam to do the technical and architectural design. The classrooms, hallways, stairs and remaining rooms have been thoroughly renovated, restoring the original structure of the building. The meeting rooms and several practice rooms with a semi-public character that help students gain experience in a retail-like setting are situated on the ground floor. On the higher storeys, the separate classrooms are connected using large openings in the walls. This enables the use of the classrooms as large studios.

In the new design, the offices of the technical staff and education support have been situated in the attic. This required the attic to be made accessible and usable by extending the existing staircases. A new elevator was added to the building. This addition is clearly distinguished as a new addition and has been clad in Reglite, a semitransparent glass cladding. This enables daylight to enter the staircase and the hallways behind it, but the privacy of the houses and gardens situated at the rear is maintained.

The new technical installation rooms have also been situated in the attic. In the hallways, the routing has been kept recognisable as a contemporary addition to the building. In the classrooms, the technical installations have been hidden behind a free hanging false ceiling. The false ceiling ‘islands’ have an important sound deadening function.

The original layout of the window frames has been reinstated and the windows have been fitted with double glazing. The masonry of the façade has been cleaned and restored. Colours and use of materials have been chosen to harmonise with the interior fittings designed by Jan des Bouvrie and fit the nature of the education.

Floor area2030 sq m gross floor area
Year2008 – 2009
ClientROC van Amsterdam, Amsterdam
ArchitectRuland Architects, Amsterdam
ConstructorAdviesburo Köhler, Amsterdam
Installations adviserHX Installatieadvies b.v., Naarden
Building physics adviserPeutz & Associes bv, Zoetermeer
Construction site managementRoyal Haskoning DHV, Hoofddorp
ContractorBouwbedrijf van den Hengel, Soest
In co-operation withOntwerpstudio Jan des Bouvrie, Naarden
PhotographyJannes Linders, Amsterdam

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