Town Hall Millingen – Ubbergen – Groesbeek

Reconstruction of the existing town hall

The towns of Millingen, Ubbergen and Groesbeek have merged in 2015. This required the combined organisation to be housed in the current town hall of Groesbeek. Ruland Architecten was asked to submit a preliminary design for the required reconstruction of public access areas and internal routing.

In every town, the town hall has a central position as a connecting element between council and its civil servants and citizens. It’s a building that combines the functions of public affairs and enabling meetings. The organisational merger of the towns of Millingen-Ubbergen-Groesbeek requires ‘their’ town hall to be much more than simply a renovated and adapted Groesbeek town hall. This ambitious new town deserves a ‘new house’ with a fitting personality, that is recognisable to all citizens.

The internal routing in the current building however does not allow for the housing of a new organisation. The current position of the staircases makes it virtually impossible to use the main hall as a meeting place and disrupts an efficient routing in the building. Access to the basement is hidden and therefore functionally and visually closed off from the rest of the building. Additionally, the building appears to turn its back on the town centre’s main road: the Dorpsstraat. Finally, the council chamber, the ‘heart’ of the administration, has the outward appearance of a closed bastion.

Removing the current staircases and creating a new, distinctive staircase in the main hall is a key point in our vision. These new stairs enables an efficient routing through the building, and simultaneously gives the main hall a more welcoming appearance. The vertical connection makes the basement an integral, usable part of the building. Removing the current staircases and the inaccessible public balcony makes the council chamber a much more appealing room in every way.

An additional public entrance on the Dorpsstraat adds accessibility and improves contact and ‘accidental’ meetings between employees and citizens. This really brings the town hall into the centre of the new town. By enlarging the current window of the council chamber, the functioning of the council gains visibility and transparency. The current, introverted building, will – though a couple of well-chosen adaptations – be transformed into a new, modern, recognisable and efficient building with an open and accessible appearance. A beautiful new home for a beautiful new community.

Floor area4800 sq m gross floor area
StatusPreliminary Design
ClientGemeente Groesbeek, Groesbeek
ArchitectRuland Architects, Amsterdam
ImagesRuland Architects, Amsterdam

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