Spatial, horizontal, light and… balanced

Ruland Architects designs new construction for house in Rotterdam

For a property on the Kralingseweg in Rotterdam Ruland Architects designed a beautiful construction. The extension of the living room is made in the materials and colors of the existing house. The use of large window surfaces and the placing of four distinctive skylights create a wonderful living space. The construction is surrounded by a large wooden terrace that runs along the rear of the house. A nice detail; by the design the terrace appears to float above the slope of the adjacent canal.

In balance
The existing house was built in 1999 and consists of a rectangular volume with sleeping and living areas and a second volume with kitchen, toilet and bathroom. At the place where previously a large glass sliding door offered access to the garden, the construction is ‘pushed’ into the side of the main volume as a new third element. The real added value is that, as desired by the client, the construction has become an integral part of the existing building. It is not an attached conservatory, but it gives the architecture a new balance as a reinforcing component for the overall appearance.

Horizontal lines
The characteristics horizontal lines of the house is reflected in the design. This is made up of hot-dip galvanized steel UPN profiles. On the ground, the profiles enclose a large wooden plank which is partly floating executed above the slope. The roof profiles enclose the blinds, partly designed as overhang of the roof and partly equipped with moveable aluminum fins. The horizontal lines are also reflected in a part of the new facade by reusing corrugated metal from the original facade.

Outdoor Room
The expansion will add more than 35m2 of floor space to the house. As a result, the lay out and usage greatly improved the living room. The large zinc-clad skylights and generous windows let in a lot more light inside the house. In addition, the living room now connects directly to the covered terrace with movable slats. By opening the large sliding glass doors, one obtains easily the garden as a comfortable outdoor room with the living room. So Ruland Architects achieves a space savings that ultimately is many times greater.

The implementation started in january 2015, the work and the project was completed in mid-June 2015.

LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
Floor area
35 sq m gross floor area
Year2014 – 2015
Ruland Architects, Amsterdam
ConstructorDEJA Bouwadviseur b.v., Nootdorp
ContractorEekhoutbouw bv, Kwintsheul
PhotographyJannes Linders, Rotterdam
ImagesRuland Architects, Amsterdam

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