Outdoor advertising on stations

Ruland Architects explores the architectural integration of advertising on stations

Commissioned by NS Stations has Ruland Architects researched the architectural integration of advertising media at stations. By means of a case study nine common types of stations were examined (from very large to very small). The findings have been incorporated into principles and conditions laid down in a vision document that will be used in the roll-out of advertising on stations.

The case study and creating the vision are conducted within the framework of the Rail Vision, set by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, NS Stations and ProRail. With the Rail Vision, the three parties work together on a recognizable, accessible, clear and user friendly track with the aim of strengthening the feeling of confidence and security among travelers.

The Rail image is made up of by visions and vision supporting documents. Everything that relates to the experience of the rail, stations and its immediate vicinity is defined in this document. From General guidelines regarding information services up to the shape and position of banks, waiting areas and other platform devices.

Within the aforementioned vision documents of information at stations and station equipment were starting points for the advertising media described only in general wording. A further development was needed, especially because of the desire to reduce drastically the number of advertising spaces at stations.

Ruland Architects was approached by Office Spoorbouwmeester and NS Stations to investigate through a case study on nine stations where the general bottlenecks and problems would arise and to make recommendations on a good integration.

The selected nine stations varied in size and complexity; from very small to the largest stations in the Netherlands.

Within a working group with representatives from Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, NS Stations and ProRail are on the basis of the findings of Ruland Architects workable frameworks formulated that should be observed when placing advertising media. Ruland Architects made an active contribution within the working group in compiling the vision and delivering needed part studies and data.

Location casestudyUtrecht Centraal, Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, Hollandsche Rading, Didam, Lunteren & Wehl
ClientNS Stations, Utrecht
ImagesRuland Architects, Amsterdam
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