Redevelopment station Zandvoort

Ruland Architects provides design vision for Station Zandvoort

The project station Zandvoort aan Zee regards the restoration, renovation and redevelopment of the station where the monumental and the vacant spaces are restored and made accessible to the public. The design also includes a proposal for the redevelopment of the direct train station area.

Zandvoort is one of the first stations built specifically for tourism. The entire look of the building is visible on decorated. The motifs used are inspired by the beach and its surroundings. The original colors are deliberately chosen and come summer, sunny about it. Every effort has been made to give people a happy and healthy day by the sea.

Unfortunately, the station is at the present time fully integrated and the relationship with the beach disrupted. The restoration is urgently needed. Many sunny details have endured the test of time poorly.

In the design of Ruland Architects, the original summer atmosphere is restored in and around the station. The restoration of the building includes restoring the original condition including many decorative elements and motifs. By the redevelopment of the now not publicly accessible original monumental waiting rooms in the building, is also the use and the experience of the building reinstated.

The passers-by and passengers will all soon get on arrival the feeling that this is a particularly atmospheric station, as a jewel in a dune-like environment. An ambition that fits with that of the municipality of Zandvoort and city Amsterdam: Amsterdam Beach.

Floor area1550 sq m gross floor area
Year2015 –
StatusUnder developement
ClientNS Stations, Utrecht
ImagesRuland Architects, Amsterdam

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