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Monumental balustrade reinforced

In order to preserve the monumental balustrade on platform 1 at The Hague HS station in both design and material, and at the same time to ensure that it meets the modern strength requirements, Ruland Architects has developed a reinforcement of the monumental balustrade in collaboration with Movares. Smederij Van der Vegt has made the […]

Haarlem Station entrance doors in production

The Haarlem railway station building is a national monument and one of the best preserved examples of station architecture from the early 20th century. The later installed steel sliding entrance doors on Stationsplein have reached the end of their lifespan. NS Stations and ProRail want to replace the sliding doors with regular doors that remain […]

Overview 2023

Ruland Architecten has worked on a wide range of projects in 2023. From an elevator to a complete public station square, the common denominator of the past year is the special listed status of the projects. Ruland Architecten is gradually building up unique expertise in this area. Where rigorous interventions and innovative design visions are […]

MIRT-Exploration Dordrecht station

As Advisor in listed buildings, Ruland Architecten, in collaboration with Venhoeven CS and ARUP, has won the tender for the MIRT-exploration (Multi-year program Infrastructure, Spatial planning and Transport) for Dordrecht station

The station that always opens, but was never opened

For serveral years Ruland Architecten has been involved in various developments at Deventer Station. A beautiful building with an enthusiastic group of people who have taken the railway station to their hearts. A film about Deventer Station was made on behalf of the Deventer Industrial Heritage Foundation (SIED) for Open Monument Day 2023. Please note, […]

A new elevator for The Hague Hollands Spoor

In the middle of the 130 year old railway building of The Hague HS, work has been done in recent years to make platform 1 accessible by elevator. For this purpose, an elevator has been built straight through the nationally listed station building within the limited space. Part of this renovation also included renewing the […]

Haarlem station out of the scaffolding

The window frames of Haarlem station used to be very prominent due to their white color and detonated with the other parts in the facade of this ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ from 1906. During regular maintenance, the window frames and other wooden parts were painted in a color based on the original stain, so they once again fit […]