Another mural discovered

Beautiful discoveries continue to emerge in the Maastricht station building. During the restoration of the former 3rd class waiting room, a wall painting by the Maastricht artist Harry Schoonbrood was discovered. The work was made in 1962 by order of Mosa and Kristalunie, the well-known ceramics and glass producers from Maastricht.

The artwork is hidden behind a layer of wallpaper that is now carefully removed by Angelique Friedrichs, SRAL restoration expert. It is still too early to say what the condition of the work will be, for the time being some slight damage is visible. The restoration work will be ready in mid-December and the wall painting will be visible to the public again.

Meuser Hinde Gazette via Instagram
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Aanbouw villa Rotterdam

Groundbreaking for addition to villa

By applying the first ground pile, the construction on the addition of the villa in Rotterdam has started. Contractor is Eekhoutbouw from Kwintsheul.

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Station Geldermalsen emerges from the scaffolding

The Geldermalsen railroad station building was, for the duration of the restoration and renovation, wrapped completely and skillfully after the example of the well-known artist Christo. Since then, the works on the higher levels have been finished and the scaffolding has been taken down for the most part. The result of all preparations and activities is now visible and it’s a real gem.

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Zaltbommel OVCP

Delivery awning Zaltbommel

This week marked the occasion of the delivery for the new entrance to Zaltbommel Railway Station. The new awning integrates the turnstiles and glass barriers as a logical expansion of the station.

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