Meanwhile in the station building The Hague Hollands Spoor

The new lift construction was recently built in the nationally listed station building The Hague HS. This is the first step towards making platform 1 fully accessible.

In addition to the elevator shaft, the ‘construction base’ of the new platform stairs is almost completed and the finishing work can begin.

In the passenger tunnel and the station hall, the spaces are starting to take shape and the new passages provide a clear and visual connection between the two.

Opening station Roermond

Roermond station has festively been opened!

Under the monumental roof construction of the former 1st class waiting room, a snack and a drink can be enjoyed again in the new Station Living Room. Under the beautifully restored stucco ceiling in the adjacent room is a temporary exhibition showing the transformation of the station.

A special find can also be seen in this exhibition. During the work, old service regulations from 1887 were found, which indicate which trains had to be waited for so that travelers could make their connection.

Year-end report 2022

Ruland Architecten has worked on a wide range of projects in 2022. From a fence to a complete station building, the common denominator of the past year is the special monumental status of the projects. Ruland Architecten is steadily building up unique expertise in this area.Where rigorous interventions and ‘out of the box’ design visions are essential on one occasion, subtle adjustments in the spirit of the original design are required on other projects. The result of the working method and the great involvement of Ruland Architecten provides added value in the connection between the historical context and the interpretation of this modern era.


Almost ready

Under construction

We wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2023!

Work in progress at Railway station The Hague Hollands Spoor

A lot of progress has been made to make platform 1 at The Hague Hollands Spoor station fully accessible.

An elevator will be built on a small ‘post stamp’ in the middle of the national monumental station building and the access to the platform and the passenger tunnel from the station concourse will be modified.

The beginning of the lift pit has recently been cleared and will soon be further excavated, minimizing the inconvenience to the traveler.

Preparations are being made on the platform to realize the new staircase.

1st phase Station Roermond is nearing completion

With the recently installed sliding doors, the renovation of Roermond Station is almost complete and will be completed soon.

Station locations

Station locations increasingly form a crucial part of the urban environment. Ruland Architects has been working for quite some time on strengthening these nodes of mobility, living, working and recreation. Read more about it in the new annual edition of the magazine Stationslocaties Nederland, which has recently been published.

Read the station locations magazine  here.

Shutters return to the Deventer station building

The Deventer Industrial Heritage Foundation (SIED) is currently reconstructing the window shutters that used to hang on the station building in Deventer. At the request of NS stations, Ruland Architects advised the volunteers in the preliminary phase. The shutters were assembled in the carpentry factory with the help of volunteers and are currently being painted. The first shutters will be installed soon.

Read more about this in the Stentor article, or watch the video.

In Relation to Restoration

Ruland Architects congratulates Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) on their 35th anniversary.

On this occasion SRAL organized a symposium: SRAL 35 – in relation to restoration. During this symposium we were treated to interesting lectures about the full breadth of the restoration profession in which SRAL is active. This was followed by a tour in the studio at the Bonnefanten museum. An educational insight into SRAL’s 35 years of restoration expertise.
Ruland Architecten has been working with SRAL for quite some time, for example on the mural by Henry Schoonbrood that was recently restored in the Maastricht station building.

Renovation of Roermond station

The renovation of Roermond station is progressing very well. The beautiful ceilings and constructions have been restored, on the outside the painter has started painting the building in its original colors and in many places hard work is being done to prepare the building for future use. A great moment to take everyone along in the renovation through the media, below is a short tour.

More information on

Renovation Roermond railway station

Spaces can be experienced in full height again in Roermond railway station

With great care many disruptive elements of the Roermond railway station building have been removed, the architecture of the building becomes visible again. For example, previous users had installed a lowered ceiling installed in some rooms. By removing these, the beautiful stucco ceilings and wooden constructions reappear and you can already get a preview of what kind of spaces can be seen and experienced soon in the railway station building.

Plafonds Station Roermond