Renovation of the Roermond station building has started

The station building from 1881 is being renovated and rebuilt according to a design by Ruland Architects. The passage from the bus square to the station will be restored and the main entrance will be restored to its former glory. In addition, there will be a StationsHuiskamer and the florist will be given a new place in the station building. The design restores the station’s original grandeur.

Spoorcafé Zwolle

Wednesday February 17 was the live stream from the Spoorcafe about the developments in and around the Zwolle railway zone. In this episode, NS Stations explains the developments of the station building. The broadcast can be seen on the RTV Focus Zwolle youtube channel. Furthermore, the press release about the new location of the starbucks in the station building can be read on RTV Zwolle. The images are by Ruland Architecten.


Renovated station building Gilze-Rijen in movie development station area

Commissioned by NS Stations, Ruland Architecten made the design for the renovation of the Gilze-Rijen station building. The project was recently carried out by contractor Oome Raamsdonk b.v.
The station building plays a central role in the film by the municipality of Gilze en Rijen about the future plans for the development of the station area: via Spoorzone Rijen.

Building above the railroad tracks

Building above the tracks is again topical following a debate evening at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. With the Ibis Hotel Amsterdam Center, Ruland Architects already has the required knowledge and expertise in-house!

Via Volkskrant and Bureau SpoorBouwmeester.

Maastricht station building in the media

Local media are reporting on the redevelopment of the Maastricht station building: tv newschannel L1mburg and the newspaper Limburger.

Workshop station area Sittard

The municipality of Sittard has organized a workshop on improving the station area of Sittard. At the request of the municipality, Ruland Architecten investigated the position and role of the station building within the ambitions of the municipality. This involved close collaboration with OKRA landscape architects, the designing party for the station environment. Due to changing insights and passenger functions, Sittard station could be converted into an open and well-organized space, with more visual relationships with its surroundings.

Maastricht City and Rail Ambition Note

At the initiative of the Municipality of Maastricht, a number of workshops were conducted to explore possibilities and ambitions for the east-west connection of Maastricht. This connection runs from the green carpet of the A2 zone via the station to the city center. Participants were the municipality of Maastricht, NS Stations, ProRail, Venhoeven CS and Ruland Architecten. The findings of these workshops are summarized in the Maastricht City and Rail ambition memorandum.

Table discussion at ‘Stad en Spoor Toekomstcafé’

A lively information evening and round table discussion took place on 11 April in the Stad en Spoor Toekomstcafé in Maastricht, led by Frans Pollux. i.a. Joost Ruland (involved in the redevelopment of Maastricht station), Fons Meijer (former project manager Spoorzone Tilburg) and Nicole Rijkens (future explorer and project leader co-creation Stad en Spoor) debated the future of Maastricht station.

Railway station is “Spoorbeeldverhaal #6”

Kirsten Hannema, a well known dutch architectural critic, has written the article “spoorbeeldverhaal #6: gecontroleerde en geboden toegang” about the value of architecture in the design of entrances to railway stations. Railway station Zaltbommel is set as an example in the article. Read at the website of “Bureau Spoorbouwmeester” (dutch only).