Elegant and transparent: a new glass partition in Leeuwarden

Just like the Public Transport Service Shop (OV-Servicewinkel) at Maastricht station, the OV Servicewinkel in Leeuwarden also has a new glass partition. A customer-friendly privacy screen for a safe working environment.

OV Servicebalie in Maastricht

A clear design for the Public Transport Service Shop in Maastricht

To offer the employees of the Public Transport Service Shop (OV-Servicewinkel) in Maastricht a safe and pleasant working environment, Ruland Architecten has designed a glass partition that is as transparent as possible to fit with the architecture of the space. The OV-Servicewinkel in Leeuwarden will follow soon.

Overview 2023

Ruland Architecten has worked on a wide range of projects in 2023. From an elevator to a complete public station square, the common denominator of the past year is the special listed status of the projects. Ruland Architecten is gradually building up unique expertise in this area.

Where rigorous interventions and innovative design visions are essential on some occasions, on other projects subtle adjustments in the spirit of the original design are required. The result of the working method and the great involvement of Ruland Architecten provides added value in the connection between the historical context and the interpretation of this modern era.


Almost done

Ready to build

In preperation

We wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2024!

MIRT-Exploration Dordrecht station

As Advisor in listed buildings, Ruland Architecten, in collaboration with Venhoeven CS and ARUP, has won the tender for the MIRT-exploration (Multi-year program Infrastructure, Spatial planning and Transport) for Dordrecht station

The station that always opens, but was never opened

For serveral years Ruland Architecten has been involved in various developments at Deventer Station. A beautiful building with an enthusiastic group of people who have taken the railway station to their hearts. A film about Deventer Station was made on behalf of the Deventer Industrial Heritage Foundation (SIED) for Open Monument Day 2023.

Please note, the film is in Dutch.

Production by Paul van Agten, Le Chapeau, starring: Roel Oost (presentation) and Arno Dijkhof (researcher, author and initiator of the hatch project).

A new elevator for The Hague Hollands Spoor

In the middle of the 130 year old railway building of The Hague HS, work has been done in recent years to make platform 1 accessible by elevator. For this purpose, an elevator has been built straight through the nationally listed station building within the limited space.

Part of this renovation also included renewing the floor. The flamboyant pink with black and white lines pattern has been replaced by a gray terrazzo tile, similar to the new part of the passenger tunnel. This creates a clear, coherent image throughout the route from the station square to the entrance on the Laakhaven side. The central hall will have a calmer appearance, better suited to match the original architecture of Margadant.

The portals to the tunnel have been adapted for the arrival of a row of ticket gates to enable platform 1 to fall within the checked-in zone. The gates are currently being installed at the new location, which means that the end of this major renovation is near.

Haarlem station out of the scaffolding

The window frames of Haarlem station used to be very prominent due to their white color and detonated with the other parts in the facade of this ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ from 1906.

During regular maintenance, the window frames and other wooden parts were painted in a color based on the original stain, so they once again fit in with the architecture of this railway monument.




Exploration of possibilities of the south wing of Roermond station

The Stationshuiskamer in the north wing of Roermond station was recently completed. Following this successful redevelopment, the spatial possibilities are now being investigated for the former 3rd class waiting room in the almost identical south wing of the railway building.



New finish for corridor at Maastricht railway station


The walls of a connecting corridor between the central hall and platforms at Maastricht railway station have been refinished. A contemporary addition in keeping with Van Heukelom’s architecture.



New doors in the south wing of railway station Maastricht

In the bicycle shop situated in the south wing of Maastricht station, existing facade openings have been converted into new entrances with spacious doors. Designed to fit the facade in terms of appearance, the doors are still recognizable as a later addition because of the detailing.

This intervention paves the way for further redevelopment of the ground floor.