Renovation of Roermond station

The renovation of Roermond station is progressing very well. The beautiful ceilings and constructions have been restored, on the outside the painter has started painting the building in its original colors and in many places hard work is being done to prepare the building for future use. A great moment to take everyone along in the renovation through the media, below is a short tour.

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Renovation Roermond railway station

Spaces can be experienced in full height again in Roermond railway station

With great care many disruptive elements of the Roermond railway station building have been removed, the architecture of the building becomes visible again. For example, previous users had installed a lowered ceiling installed in some rooms. By removing these, the beautiful stucco ceilings and wooden constructions reappear and you can already get a preview of what kind of spaces can be seen and experienced soon in the railway station building.

Plafonds Station Roermond

Renovation of the Roermond station building has started

The station building from 1881 is being renovated and rebuilt according to a design by Ruland Architects. The passage from the bus square to the station will be restored and the main entrance will be restored to its former glory. In addition, there will be a StationsHuiskamer and the florist will be given a new place in the station building. The design restores the station’s original grandeur.

Festive opening of Maastricht station

Today Maastricht Station is officially and festively opened. After a thorough restoration, a treasure chest full of special details, materials, colors and historical elements has been restored to its former glory. Ruland Architecten is very proud of the achieved results.

NS Stations has placed QR codes at the ‘Treasures of the station’ for visitors. In this way more information can be found about the old monumental details. (dutch language only)

Restoration of façade in Apeldoorn

Part of the facade of the Apeldoorn station building was heavily damaged after an ‘explosive raid’ on an ATM. Ruland Architecten has been asked to design the restoration of the facade and to provide the necessary permits.

Festive opening station square and station building Zwolle

Today the renovated station square with underground bikeparking and the renovated station building of Zwolle were festively opened. Equipped with many sustainable facilities, especially in the field of water management, the beautiful station square with diverse vegetation and a pond is an asset to the city. After more than 100 years, the station building with renewed authenticity and retail functions is still a current and recognizable building for the city.

The aftermovie of this event can be viewed here.


Extraordinary painting restored

At Deventer station, the largely disappeared cast iron windows have been made new on the basis of a few remaining windows. The skylight has thus been restored to its original image and detail, of course with due observance of the most modern safety requirements.
The waiting rooms at Deventer station are part of the platform roof. It turned out that the repair work was quite extensive. This gave the opportunity to restore the existing oak ceilings to their original state. The special silhouette drawings by illustrator Chris Kras (Jan Feith) have also been restored and preserved.

Station Geldermalsen revisited

The redevelopment and restoration of the special Geldermalsen station building was completed in 2015, designed by Ruland Architecten. At the time, the restoration of the outbuilding fell outside the scope, although this was provided for in the design. We are therefore very pleased that this last part of the station has finally been restored. As in the main building, the frame divisions have been restored and painted in the original color palette. The masonry with its special facade drawing in colored brick has been restored. The unique island station of Geldermalsen, a special part of the industrial heritage, has been restored to its full glory.

Renovation station building almost completed

The renovation of the east wing and middle part of the station building in Zwolle has largely been completed. This week the pre-deliveries took place, especially of the interior spaces. The first retailers will start with furnishing in mid-August.

Renovation waiting room Heemstede Aerdenhout

The work to restore the waiting rooms in Heemstede-Aerdenhoud is almost complete. The daylight shafts in the facade are functioning again, the paintwork has been applied in the original color palette. The furniture was made new on the basis of photos and drawings.