Another mural discovered

Beautiful discoveries continue to emerge in the Maastricht station building. During the restoration of the former 3rd class waiting room, a wall painting by the Maastricht artist Harry Schoonbrood was discovered. The work was made in 1962 by order of Mosa and Kristalunie, the well-known ceramics and glass producers from Maastricht.

The artwork is hidden behind a layer of wallpaper that is now carefully removed by Angelique Friedrichs, SRAL restoration expert. It is still too early to say what the condition of the work will be, for the time being some slight damage is visible. The restoration work will be ready in mid-December and the wall painting will be visible to the public again.

Meuser Hinde Gazette via Instagram
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Wikipedia about Henri Schoonbrood



View of Maastricht – artist unknown

An interesting and colourfull wall drawing was discovered in one of the office spaces at Maastricht station. Pictured is a typical Maastricht street, painted directly on the stucco surface with different colors. The size is approximately 80 by 80 cm. Together with the contractor a frame is made to save the image for future generations.

New facade openings in Maastricht

Work on the Maastricht station continues. Not visible from the street, new facade openings are made to provide daylight for the office spaces on the mezzanine. Shape and size correspond to existing openings, filled in with a modern interpretation of the original windows.

OfficeVilla Breedband Arnhem

In localnewspaper “de Gelderlander”, region Arnhem, an article was published about over KantoorVilla Breedband Arnhem: a brief conversation with Dave Aaldering, entrepreneur of Arnhem 2017. OfficeVilla Breedband will soon becom the place of appointment for train passengers to and from Arnhem.

Read the article here (dutch only).

Grand opening station Geldermalsen

After an extensive renovation and redevelopement, the railwaystation building of Geldermalsen has been reopend this may 31st. It has been made suited for new use and combinations of new use such as hospitality business or offices.

The station reclaims its remarkable and prominent position as entrance to Geldermalsen as with the completion in 1886.

Read more about this project.

Renovation Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre

Commisioned by Accor Invest, Ruland Architects is working on the internal remodeling of the Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre. The existing groundfloor foyer and restaurant are transformed into one spacious mixed-use area for  breakfast, bar and foyer. The backoffice mezzanine is extended and new hotelrooms will be built on the first floor.

By removing the existing lowered ceilings the concrete beams , colums and technical installations will be visible, adding an industrial look to the design. The design for the interior (furniture, colorscheme etc) is by the English architect Phillip Watts Design.

Application building permit Villa Breedband

We have applied for the building permit of Villa Breedband in Arnhem. With kind regards to Breedband Arnhem for the delicious pie.

Vision document advertising media at stations

Commissioned by NS Stations has Ruland Architects researched the architectural integration of advertising media at stations. By means of a case study nine common types of stations were examined (from very large to very small). The findings have been incorporated into principles and conditions laid down in a vision document that will be used in the roll-out of advertising on stations.

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kantoorvilla Breedband Arnhem

New office Breedband Arnhem

Kavel (plot) 12 along side of the Amsterdamseweg in Arnhem has a new owner. Soon we will start with tendering specifications and final plans for officevilla Breedband Arnhem.

Station Geldermalsen

Interior railwaystation Geldermalsen

The restauration of the railway station building Geldermalsen is nearing its completion. The former waitingrooms have been restored to former splendour. Some work still needs to be done to the new climate installations of the building.