Maastricht City and Rail Ambition Note

At the initiative of the Municipality of Maastricht, a number of workshops were conducted to explore possibilities and ambitions for the east-west connection of Maastricht. This connection runs from the green carpet of the A2 zone via the station to the city center. Participants were the municipality of Maastricht, NS Stations, ProRail, Venhoeven CS and Ruland Architecten. The findings of these workshops are summarized in the Maastricht City and Rail ambition memorandum.

Table discussion at ‘Stad en Spoor Toekomstcafé’

A lively information evening and round table discussion took place on 11 April in the Stad en Spoor Toekomstcafé in Maastricht, led by Frans Pollux. i.a. Joost Ruland (involved in the redevelopment of Maastricht station), Fons Meijer (former project manager Spoorzone Tilburg) and Nicole Rijkens (future explorer and project leader co-creation Stad en Spoor) debated the future of Maastricht station.

Railway station is “Spoorbeeldverhaal #6”

Kirsten Hannema, a well known dutch architectural critic, has written the article “spoorbeeldverhaal #6: gecontroleerde en geboden toegang” about the value of architecture in the design of entrances to railway stations. Railway station Zaltbommel is set as an example in the article. Read at the website of “Bureau Spoorbouwmeester” (dutch only).

The architects’ breakfast, theme: leisure

As part of the theme period ‘Leisure’, the editorial staff of Architectenweb hosts a networking breakfast for architects, interior designers, advisors, clients and contractors on Thursday morning, May 12th.

Main focus will be hotel design. What trends can be determined in hotel designs? Which aspects of these projects can an architect add value to? Which innovations are possible? How do you design the perfect experience? What can the large hotel chains learn from small inner-city hotels and vice versa? And how can hotels be designed so that their amenities form a positive addition to the city?

Ruland Architecten is on the invite list.

See the projects Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre and Motel One Rotterdam by Ruland Architecten.

Monumentje Roosendaal

Ruland Architecten on Zuid West TV

The regional TV channel Zuid West TV currently shows the series ’n Monumentje that shows off monuments. This episode highlights Roosendaal railway station. Includes an interview with Joost Ruland.

You can view the show on ZuidwestTV.

Ruland Architecten

Ruland + Partner Architekten becomes Ruland Architecten


Because we were already addressed and named as Ruland Architecten.
Because we have moved internally to Koningin Wilhelminaplein 12 B-8.
Because we have a new house style and logo, and a new web site.

And because it expresses what we are: architects.

Will there be more changes?


Our phone numbers, personal e-mail addresses, account numbers and web site address remain unchanged.

And that also goes for our commitment, expertise and craftsmanship!

Joost Ruland and Gert van Velzen

Debat Brabantse Stijlprijs

Debate Brabant Style Award

The KVL Leather plant in Oisterwijk was the scene for the debate organised by the Province of Noord Brabant resulting from the submissions for the Brabant Style Award. Ruland + Partner Architekten bna is one of the participants with the submission for the Roosendaal railway station.



Strijp S Eindhoven

The transformation and renovation convention

Ruland + Partner Architecten was a part of the Transformation and renovation convention, organised by Architectenweb. Amazing location in Eindhoven: Strijp S.



The architects’ breakfast, transformation of empty buildings

As a part of the theme period ‘Transformation and Renovation’, Architectenweb will host a networking breakfast on Thursday morning June 5th concentrating on transforming empty buildings. Ruland Architecten will be one of the participants in this expert meeting of architects, interior designers, advisors, clients and contractors supervised by the editorial staff of Architectenweb.

Station Roosendaal

Brabant Style Award 2014

The Province of Noord Brabant wants to add impulse to good commissioning by Brabant councils when it comes to the quality of public space. Examples of appealing public space and broad public debate about ‘proper Brabant’ public spaces can offer inspiration to council clients for future renovation of public space. We submitted the Roosendaal Railway Station as an example of how restoration and redevelopment give a direct impulse to the perception and valuation of urban spaces.